About Us

We are the Mommy Daughter DUO GOODERS: Allyson & Shayler. We started Duo Gooders as a way to share our love of animals, the planet, inspiring communities & people making a difference. Through Duo Gooders we get to share a dual perspective on living compassionately.

From Allyson:


I am a Mom. I am a lover of all sentient beings and the planet we share. I believe not only in our collective power but the impact we can make as individuals. No act of kindness, mindfulness and compassion is small.

Growing up in the entertainment industry has given me a wonderful platform to promote social good. But we all have a platform. It is our community, our circle of friends and in this day and age our social media following. It is what you do with it.



When I became a mother my advocacy turned into something much larger. I began to wonder what world will my daughter know? What animals will Shayler only know in pictures because they no longer roam the earth? Will she know the importance of community? Will she know oceans without pollution? How will she be taught an environmental ethic?

It has been amazing to see Shayler already inspire her friends and others to live compassionately and consciously. Think what can happen when a social good connection happens with children all over the globe. The positive impact is limitless!

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From Shayler:

I want to help the world and help those that do not have a voice and protect our planet.  There is a lot to change but if we all do our part we can make a difference.

I love doing it with my Mom because we get to inspire each other and do great things together.

I want to prove that even if you are small you can do big things. There is always a way to help and inspire others to do the same.

I hope you use the power of your life for the good of those we touch, from our own families to our communities and all we come into contact with throughout our day. And by the way, doing good is the best feeling!

Through Duo Gooders we want to create a ripple effect of change that will go beyond what we will see in our lifetime. Our mission is not only making change in the present but to inspire future generations to honor our animals, community and environment. That is the legacy we want to build together.  

Remember to #BeKind and #DoGood!